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Cupertino iCons Collection

Full Icon Themes by umayanga
-Mobile: iOS 13 style icon theme Compatible with GNOME 3.36 (tested only on Ubuntu 20.04 daily build
macos osx ios apple macosx icon-theme linux unix
Score 81.5%
Apr 26 2020

padOS theme

GTK3 Themes by umayanga
padOS theme iPadOS inspired theme Based on Zorin GTK theme by Zorin Group ([URL=]Zorin OS[/URL]) Shell theme: [URL=]mcOS11 shell theme[/URL] (included in this theme). You can get the dark version of this shell theme from...
ipad ios macos apple linux unix theme gnome gtk3
Score 85.3%
Dec 29 2019

meOS 13

GTK3 Themes by elbullazul
Theme inspired from iOS 13 and Human Design Guidelines. Adds the newly introduced dark theme
apple iphone ios ipad gtk3 linux unix gnome theme 13
Score 75.0%
Jul 09 2019

Cupertino-Mobile iCons

Full Icon Themes by umayanga
****** This theme is DISCONTINUED BUT a new versions of this theme is available on [URL=]Cupertino iCons Collection[/URL] ******
icon-theme linux unix macos ios apple
Score 76.6%
Feb 25 2019

meOS 4

GTK3 Themes by elbullazul
iOS 4 theme, with widget styles based on what I could find out there as iOS 4 screenshots
ios 4 macos apple iphone linux unix theme gnome gtk3
Score 65.0%
Mar 18 2019