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Cursors by Kaiz
-*[/code] [size=150][b]Window installation[/b][/size] [list=1] [*]unzip [b]
bibata cursor x11 windows linux unix
8 .9
Nov 09 2020

macOS Big Sur

Cursors by Kaiz
[/b] [list=1] [*]unzip [b][/b] file[/*] [*]Open [b]macOSBigSur_Windows
macos xcursor windows linux unix cursor
8 .4
Nov 01 2020


Cursors by Kaiz
[/b] [list=1] [*]unzip [b][/b] file[/*] [*]Open [b]GoogleDot_Windows
google xcursor windows cursor linux unix
8 .2
Oct 27 2020


Full Icon Themes by abhishekzambare
[b]** If you like the theme then support project by giving ratings, thank you. **[/b] [b]Material-Original is a Material Design theme for GNOME/GTK based desktop environments.[/b] Based on fluent icon-- ( ) [b]It supports GTK 2, GTK 3, GNOME Shell,...
materia material windows linux unix icon-theme
7 .7
Oct 24 2020

Plus95 for linux v.gnome

GTK3 Themes by 97leviatan
Basado en Plus95 Compatible con gnome, xfce, cinnamon Usando tema de base redmond que incorpora linux Para Comenzar ejecute AUTORUN.SH Based on Plus95 Compatible with gnome, xfce, cinnamon Using a redmond base theme that incorporates linux To start run AUTORUN.SH
plus 1995 windows gtk linux unix theme gnome gtk3
6 .7
Oct 21 2020


GTK3 Themes by elbullazul
GTK Theme based on the appearance of Microsoft's Acrylic deisgn guidelines Requires pixbuf and Murrine GTK 2 engines
windows 10 microsoft linux unix theme gnome gtk3 acrylic mobile
7 .2
Oct 04 2020

Windows Vista Iconpack

Full Icon Themes by 97leviatan
Basado en Microsoft Windows Vista Archivos Usados *imageres.dll *shell32.dll *wmploc.dll
windows vista 6000 linux unix icon-theme
5 .2
Sep 13 2020

Windows 8

Full Icon Themes by 97leviatan
Basado en Windows 8.1 *Sonidos y wallpapers link extra *interfaz no esta disponible Nortifica
windows 8.1 into linux unix icon-theme
4 .4
Sep 11 2020

Windows 10

Full Icon Themes by 97leviatan
Basado en la version 1809 de windows 10 el iconpack se requiere minimo 200 MB libres de espacio
windows 10 iconpack 1809 linux unix icon-theme
5 .6
Sep 11 2020

Uos [Deepin V20]

Full Icon Themes by zayronXIO
icons extracted from the beta of Uos, deepin os v20, This set is set for use in any distribution and DE that you wish to use, I can also install it in the current version of deepin. In addition to the original icons I have added some totally new and exclusively for this version. the merit...
macos deepinv20 uos windows icons linux unix icon-theme
8 .7
Sep 06 2020